Redeem your Visa Fitness/ Health Club Subsidy with Switch

VISA cares about how you feel both inside and outside of the workplace. As such, they’ve partnered with us here at Switch & Co, allowing you to now redeem your Fitness/ Health Club Subsidy as credit to spend on the Switch app - pretty rad right?!

Wait, so what exactly does this mean?

You can now use your Fitness/ Health Club Subsidy on hundreds of fitness, wellbeing and leisure activities on the Switch app in just a few simple taps. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, adventure enthusiast, or mindfulness master, the Switch app has something for you.

Sounds great - I’m in. What are the next steps?

  1. Simply purchase the credit amount you wish below

  2. We’ll email the receipt to you and apply your app credit instantly

  3. Log into AskHR, attach your receipt and request a reimbursement

P.s. If you are using this as additional to a gym membership through the Fitness/ Health Club Subsidy, make sure that the total amount you are claiming is not more than the allocated AED3,000 for the calendar year. Any queries on the policy, please contact AskHR.

Buy your Switch credit

Choose the amount you want to purchase below

If you need support or want to purchase an amount not listed above then drop us a note and we’ll organise it for you.