Are you a video blogger?

We're looking for a passionate, engaging and outgoing video blogger to join our team here at SwitchDXB.

Your job will be firmly centred around video content - from dreaming up the ideas, contacting the participants/subjects, arranging shoots, capturing footage, editing, writing and sharing.

Most importantly, you will be tasked with getting out there and helping to show our community the breadth of opportunities that exist in Dubai for residents and visitors alike to Switch On and Switch Off.


The Role



One of the key aspects of your role will be to seek out the many different activities, facilities, knowledge sources and people that exist in Dubai that help our community to live better.

You will be responsible for identifying new, undiscovered areas that we we will be able to create content about. You will then co-ordinate with the location and the relevant people to arrange a suitable time to visit, participate/test and create the content required to effectively tell an engaging story.


You must be comfortable in-front of a camera as well as behind it. From iPhone, to GoPro, to Sony and Canon - you will be working with a range of devices to capture the all important video content.

You will find yourselves in a range of environments - indoors, outdoors, on the beach, in the water, you name it, you will find yourself there if it has a link to fitness, health or wellbeing.

Editing should also be a breeze for someone like you, being able to use the necessary software and being an avid Apple user of hardware. You will be responsible for post-production of your video blogs and some other video content.

We want to see examples of video blogs you've previously created, so be sure to send us some examples. Additionally, you will be required to apply for the role with a video application.



The third, but oh so important aspect of the role is communications based. Your job will be to effectively distribute the content that you have created across digital and social media channels, driving engagement, managing interactions and responding with follow-up content.

You will also be in charge of managing certain aspects of our communications strategy, with your input required at development stage and your analysis/reporting required throughout the execution stage.

You must have fun throughout the whole process - working with the people you meet, the places you visit and the team you work with at SwitchDXB. We want your personality to be vibrant, dynamic and engaging - something that comes across in your content and communications.

The Little Details

You will be working in a small, but growing team - all of whom are committed to our mission of helping our community to live better.

Your role will be split between our office (currently in JLT) and out/about in Dubai (with camera in hand!).

You must embrace many different forms of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing activities - it's part of our culture.

We will regularly participate in team activities and events - both related to Switch On & Switch Off.

Your working week will be Sunday to Thursday, but sometimes you will be required to work weekends.

We take a holistic and balanced approach to working - we want to get the best out of you, not the most.

You will get all UAE public holidays off, 20 days paid leave and an extra day off for your birthday.

Are you ready to join Team SwitchDXB?

If you're a match for what we're looking for, then get your camera out and get shooting!

To apply for the role, please complete the below form, complete with a link to your video application. Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes in length and it should firmly show us why you'd be the best fit for this exciting role. We also want to see and hear why your experience (professional &/or personal) would suit the role well. Applications will close on 31st December 2016 & shortlisted applicants will be contacted in the first week of January 2017.

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