Live Better

Our purpose is simple; to help people in Dubai to live better. We want to educate, inspire and encourage people to be active, to have an improved awareness of their health & fitness, whilst constantly aiming to achieve a better life. By using our bodies and minds, we can build a community one-by-one of people who want to get fitter, eat more healthily and develop the ability to relax.



We're starting off as a small team, passionate about helping others to live better. One-by-one we will build the SwitchDXB community to shape a movement - one which focuses on daily health, fitness and wellbeing. We're not here to promote diets, we're not here to push people too far, we're here to actively encourage our community to put themselves first, to take care of themselves and to ultimately, live better.



Everyone has the ability to be active, regardless of age, gender or ability. Our focus is on helping people become more active - whether that's starting to exercise, walking the stairs or engaging in any activity that increases your heart rate and improves your general fitness and wellbeing. Each person in our community has a different activity, sport or exercise that suits them and we want to help people find the one that helps them Switch On.


Switch OFF

Achieving a positive state of health, fitness and wellbeing is largely determined by the ability to balance the inputs and outputs. Switch Off is our focus on helping people to learn about themselves - the art of recovery, the science of nutrition and the importance of relaxation. Again, there's no one right way, but our belief is that everyone has the ability to Switch Off and we want to harness that power in each member of our community.