On-boarding Questions:

How long does the whole on-boarding process take and when will I go live on the app?

The average on-boarding process takes about 3 weeks.

Production Questions:


How long does the shoot take?

On an average, the shoot takes about an hour per activity/service as the videographer needs time to capture content for the app as well as  our social media channels


Will I be given the footage from the shoot or the final video that goes on the app?

The video footage taken during the shoot is the property of SwitchDXB and will not be distributed. The still images can be shared with you, provided that our logo is on it.

You will receive a teaser of the video that is featured on the app for your own personal distribution, not the original video that is on the app.


How many videos of mine will be featured on the app?

Each provider will have one hero video that will include all the services you wish to showcase on the app.