Switch Club: Yoga with Benedicte from B Yogi Soul

After weeks of trying out some really intense workouts, it was a good time for a #SwitchOff session with lovely Yoga instructor Benedicte Alice from B Yogi Soul. So off we headed to the 35th floor of the Index building in DIFC where the studio was based. As we walked into the open space, we let out  sounds of excitement as we saw the mesmerising views of the Dubai skyline from the large glass panels of the studio. What a perfect ambience and setting it was!

Omm Shanti and away we go. We were seated down on yoga mats in Lotus position as Benedicte played a relaxing melody, and explained to us in the most calming tone the purpose of Yoga, and what to expect during the session. For this class, we chose a flow style, which is influenced by Ashtanga Yoga - a practice that holds the main purpose of gaining self-awareness through correct breathing and posture. As with any Yoga class, the aim of the game is to reduce overall stress and anxiety, and to develop flexibility along the way. Of course it doesn't stop there, the benefits are truly endless. 

At the beginning of the session, Benedicte taught us breathing techniques which allow blood to circulate efficiently, making the body feel light and flush out any toxins. Then we started the flow. Flowing from one pose into another, she walked around to ensure that everyone's posture was correct in order to ensure we were getting the most out of the session. She also explained the purpose of each pose, and provided knowledge regarding the meaning of the different names as she circled our mats.

To conclude the session, we lay down with our eyes closed in Shavasana pose, breathing calmly and completely switching off from the outside world and all the hard work we just carried out over the past hour. When we opened eyes, we noticed that the sun had set, and all the buildings and pretty street lights were on for another sparkly evening in #MyDubai. What a beautiful way to bid farewell to the day.

If you're looking for an effective way to feel better immediately, we suggest you start with Yoga. You'll thank us for it later! Namaste.

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