Switch Club: Souplesse Cycle Spin Class

Another week and another challenge for team #SwitchClub. This week due to busy schedules in the office, only four of us could attend the class but that didn't stop us from getting our fitness on. So off to Souplesse Cycle we headed - an indoor cycling class that we had heard A LOT about but never experienced first-hand before.

The first few things that we notice are that Souplesse Cycle has amazing lighting and an awesome sound system which set the intense mood for the workout ahead which make the experience one to marvel at. "Souplesse", a French word meaning flexibility is all about hand positioning, body posture and fluidity of moves during cycling.

We arrive 15 minutes ahead of the class to give our instructor Nikos time to talk us through the session structure, brief us on bike settings and any other formalities important for first-timers.

As the session kicks off, Nikos calls out when to increase and decrease the power as we alternate from hill climbs, sprints and rest periods. All of this as we peddle along to our favorite beats. We're not going to lie though, it was a real challenge. Nikos is an eight times Velodrome world champion cyclist, so he had set his expectations for us. Though most of us didn't keep up with him, we all felt like champions when we concluded the class.

The choice of music made our experience even more exciting, with a playlist of 80's remixes and a lighting system to rival most night clubs - when the music tempo was high, the workout was intense and planned to a "T" with the music.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.12.40.png

The real differentiating factor in this class is that a lot of other spinning studios have bikes that are stationary, however at Souplesse, the bikes move and pivot with your body, making you feel like you are actually on a road bike and not in a gym on a stationary bike just peddling away.

In summary, this spinning class is a real tough cardio workout which can burn up to 700 calories in a single session! No wonder some of us were challenged to walk out of the studio in a straight line. If you're in search of a high-tempo adrenaline workout with awesome beats and a go-go ambience, then this one is for you.

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