Switch Club: KO8 at NRG Fitness

You know how excited we get when heading out to try new fitness classes! This week our team accepted Sean Clancy's invite to trial out his latest KO8 class. OK, so first is first, what is KO8? It’s a complete full-body workout all in one, using a piece of fitness equipment which is a cross between a resistance band and suspension trainer. The best part? You can attach it anywhere - boom. 

We arrived at NRG Fitness in Dubai Marina, a facility that offers a wide range of classes from high intensity body pump to Yoga. After exploring the facility and its various rooms, we got really excited about which sessions we could come and try next. The boys decided that they would come and test out the spin class, while the ladies concluded on booking in for a modern version of Yoga which fuses traditional yoga, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock suspended from the ceiling. After checking out what else NRG Fitness had on offer, it was time to hit the KO8 room, which had specialized equipment attached high up on the wall on one side and training mats and weights on the floor on the another.

Our instructor Sean starts with making sure that we are fully warmed up before the intense training begins. We are then split into two groups; one using the KO8 kit, and the second training with weights and boxing gloves. The workout was really high tempo as you didn’t have much time to rest as you swapped between the activities. Our workout on the KO8 equipment included everything from pull ups, squats, lunges and jump squats...you name it. The workout on the KO8 is challenging and pushes you as you are not only working against your own bodyweight but you are also ensuring the right posture and form by trying to keep your balance. By the end of the session, our arms and legs are on fire.

KO8 truly is a unique way of working out, as it’s not only a great fat burning activity, it's also a fantastic muscle workout, while improving your mobility. You can bet on the fact that we'll be back soon!

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