Switch Club: 1Six8

This week's Switch Club took #TeamSwitch down to Jumeirah 1 Dubai to the 1Six8 studios.


What a place it was! It's based on the rooftop level and the facility offers a range of classes (PUNCH, BURN & STRETCH), with the terrace allowing like-minded people to work out or do yoga classes, but also enjoy amazing views of the Burj Khalifa. 

After gaining a small amount of experience at the boxing class by BOXiQ at the Fairmont on the Palm, we were kindly invited down to 1Six8 by the owner - Brian Cochrane - to try the PUNCH Class. On arrival we all chose our boxing gloves and did a few pictures, while trying to copy scenes from the Rocky movies.

Then we walked into a room with dim lights full off punching bags. We all stood next to a punch bag and our instructor turned the music up, and this is when the hard work really started. 


She was giving us instructions and showing us different types of punches, with press ups and sit ups in between. We successfully survived all 12 rounds - just about. The workout was extremely intense, challenging and a lot of fun at the same time. You could see that our instructor was passionate about what she was doing, while making sure your technique was right. We had been pushed to the absolute limit, however when we walked out of the room we were all proud of completing the challenge.

The PUNCH class energised us all and we left the building full of positive energy, knowing that we will definitely be going back for more!

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