The Switch360 Story


Switch360 was a challenge for four Dubai residents, designed to show them ways in which they can live better. Using the two pillars that we live by - ‘Switch On’ and ‘Switch Off’ - we connected with global brands, large and small businesses as well as unique and talented individuals to help us showcase and demonstrate various ways in which people can improve their lives.

At the beginning of February, after a month of applications flooding in, we selected four people (L-R) - Natalie, Amanda, Kevin & Debbie - to take on the Switch360 challenge. They didn't really know what they were getting themselves into, but what they shared was a common desire: to live better. 

We believe that before you can begin a journey to becoming a better version of yourself and living better, you must first understand yourself, how you are built, how you function, how you think etc; all the things necessary to make informed decisions about what changes are required and how to implement them to ensure that these are sustainable for the rest of your life. We don’t believe in quick fixes, we believe in sustained positive change - we refer to this theory as ‘marginal gains’. 

The Switch360 project was delivered in 3 stages:

Stage 1:

This was the ‘understanding’ stage where our four participants were introduced to experts, facilities and information that ensured they had all the necessary information about themselves to have the correct starting point of their 12 week journey to ‘living better’. This included such things as a full ‘cardio metabolic’ test where they would discover their personal heart rate zones for exercise for such things as ‘fat burning’, ‘intensity’, ‘endurance’ and ‘fitness’. They also have a full DNA Test conducted to show them what they are predestined to become in terms of health and wellness should they not change their diet, exercise or environment. This information was also used by our Nutritionist to ensure that they were eating the correct food sources and amount of calories for their individual health and fitness goals. They received life coaching from our Life Coach and Nutritionist Victoria Tipper. We also ensured that they understood how their bodies functioned when exercising by taking them through the 7 primal movements and conducting some functional movement exercises to help them perform better. To support them with the exercise regime about to be undertaken they were kindly provided with Limitless Supplements for the duration of the project.

Stage 2:

This was the ‘implementation’ stage whereby our participants, now having the knowledge about themselves and understanding this information, were taken through five weeks of physical, mental and wellness regimes to find out what is in Dubai to help them implement that knowledge and make some changes to help them live better. To help with their food source and calorie intake they were kindly supplied with five weeks’ worth of food delivery, based on their specific metabolic type, by PURA. Using the two pillars of SwitchDXB they participated in things such as Boot Camps, Yoga, AquaFit (spinning (cycling) in a water pod), group indoor classes at Yalla Fitness, fun physical sessions such as Bounce and Float DXB, also specific coaching on how to lift weights at Strenght Dubai. They were also taken to some Switch Off sessions such as Aventura Park the high wire zip line park, Armani Spa, Lucky Voice and a day at the races at the Dubai World Cup, all to showcase that you can also enjoy life whilst making the necessary changes to live better.

Stage 3:

This was the ‘sustain’ and the final stage, was where we wanted our participants to take on board the previous 2 stages, make some changes, utilise the information and experiences gained and put them into practice to enable them to carry them on in their lives going forward post-Switch360. These five weeks consisted of them taking things to the next level in terms of intensity, physical exertion and also knowledge. They were introduced to new things such as Boxing with BOXiQ, KO8 and X-Rig bootcamps, cooking sessions with the Media One Hotel, Organic Food shopping at Ripe Market, Golf with the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Indoor cycle classes with FlyWheel, and also SUP Yoga with SEAYOU. They were also provided with more information about themselves by having weekly in body analysis measurements taken by BODYO. We provided them with physiotherapy and dynamic flexibility exercises and routines by Joe Maynard who also showed them how to use the QOLEUM products provided to them for use when incurring minor muscle and joint aches during this intense physical phase of teh project.They were provided with supplements by Juice Plus to aid their nutritional and vitamin requirements as well as provision of another batch of Limitless Supplements to aid them in this stage of the project and sustain the energy levels required. They would also have follow up sessions with our Nutritionist and Life Coach Victoria Tipper to see how they had progressed and how they now felt about themselves and what changes they had and would be making in the future. The final session was the follow up session with Dr. Ramzy Ross of First Performance Consultancy who re-tested and evaluated their cardio metabolic levels and showed them their significant improvements over the course of the project by going through these processes delivered by SwitchDXB. 

Switch360 2017 - The Participants’ Thoughts:

All our participants have taken away from the project different ideas, concepts, facts and suggestions about themselves and how they can live better and sustain this for the rest of their lives. Watch the participants’ final videos below to see how they summarised the Switch360 experience:





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