Switch360 - Week 11

Week 11 Summary

Week 11 was the last of the intense weeks for our Switch360 Participants as we are getting close to the final Stages 3 of the SWITCH 360 Project and with just 1 week left for our participants to continue on their journey to discovering, showcasing through digital social content, and experiencing new ways to live better. The aim is to help them to be better, perform better and ultimately live better by implementing them into their routine for a sustainable better life. Read on to find out more.


Week 11 Review - Participants


Debbie talks week 11.



Natalie's week 11 of the Switch360 project.



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The Week

Sunday 30th April

This was a welcomed day off for our participants and enabled them to enjoy a rest day and recuperate ready for the week ahead.


Monday 01 May

Monday was our participants first session of two with Joe Akary, the founder of BOXIQ, where he took them through the basic fundamentals of boxing, working on their stance, combinations and movement techniques and also showing them ways to implement boxing routines into their fitness regime.

Find out more about BOXIQ and Joe Akary here:



Tuesday 02 May

This was the first session of 2 X-Rig & KO8 Bootcamps. The X-Rig is the world’s first lightweight portable fitness rig. Designed by former Commando Training Sergeant Franky Spencer. The X-Rig is a 1 man portable rig, carried in 2 custom made bags and a back pack for its accessories, than can be fast assembled in under 3 minutes and folded away in less than 60 seconds!. Once erected it can deliver multiple exercises for 6-100kg persons at any one time. It can be utilised as the central feature for a group of 24 participants. It is ideal for boot camps, PT or any Gym or individual who wants to train at any location at any time. Already used and approved by the British Forces this cool and compact Rig is Portable, Durable and Fast to Assemble and available via Franky Spencer.

Find out more about X-Rig, and the KO8 bootcamps and these 2 amazing pieces of training equipment here:


Contact Franky Spencer on xrigfit@gmail.com


This was the participants rest day as they will as part of the final stage be doing more during the weekends, all geared towards showcasing new ways to help them live better through SWITCHDXB.


Wednesday 03 May

This was a day off for the participants as we prepare them for some final testings and performance analysis.


Thursday 04 May

This was the final session of 4 for our participants as they cranked up the resistance and power on the indoor flywheel cycles and pushed on with their cardio fitness goals utilising the concept of indoor group cycle classes to increase fitness levels, burn calories and have fun doing so. Flywheel is an indoor group cycles class utilising high energy music, cadence and resistance settings based on individual levels and with the awesome, vibrant and talented instructor Hoda Sawan, with FlyWheel Dubai at Burj Views in Downtown Dubai.

This is the workout that offers a chance to achieve something more, to step up onto a custom engineered bike, and ride as hard as you dare. An experience that lasts 45 or 60 minutes and includes climbs and descents, while working arms with weighted bars. It's an amazing escape that challenges your body and relaxes your mind. Our studios offer stadium-style seating, making every seat in the house a good one.

Find out more about FlyWheel and what they can offer you, classes, instructors etc. at:



Friday 05th May

This day was a rest day for 3 of our participants but was the turn of Kevin Schubert to receive his Armani Spa Treatment Session at the Armani Hotel Dubai.

Rewind, refresh and reinvigorate both body and mind in the sanctuary of Armani/SPA. Retreat into a collection of personalised sensory experiences, delivered by experienced therapists and designed to meet your individual needs.

The Armani Spa Treatment is ‘tailored’ to meet all your needs and is a unique experience for our participants.

Treatment: Armani Classic Collection .

Duration: 50 minutes treatment

Find out more about the Armani Hotel and Spa here:



Saturday 06 May

Saturday saw the participants enjoy their fun and challenging Switch On & Off time, that definitely increases the heart rate and gets the adrenalin pumping, at the AQUAFUN floatable assault course located in the sea of the coast of the JBR Beach area in Dubai. AquaFun is a UAE company with the Middle East’s first & biggest inflatable park. It was founded by the CEO, Ahmed Ben Chaibah, a local Emirati who started the venture many years ago. Ever since, he has been an aspiring personality in the outdoor personality field by being featured on several major Middle East news media outlets about his company and his vision. Some of his features have been on Arabian Business as a nominated Entrepreneur of the Week, Khaleej Times, UK Business Insider and many more.

The Water park is a key attraction to residents and tourists, it has become an accustomed activity for those that visit Dubai. One of the distinct features of the float is that it is spells out ‘Dubai’ in it’s distinct calligraphy.

Find out more about AQUAFUN here:



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