Switch360 - Week 12

Week 12 Summary

Week 12 was the final week of the Switch360 project for our Participants to complete their journey with SWITCHDXB but also to continue on their own journey to discovering and experiencing new ways to live better. The aim of the project was to help them to be better, perform better and ultimately live better by implementing new experiences, understandings about themselves inside and outside, and putting these into their routine for a sustainable better life. Read on to find out more.


Week 12 Review - Participants



The Week

Sunday 07th May

This was the final session of the KO8 Bootcamps and will be sorely missed by the Switch360 Participants. These bootcamps are aimed at increasing the intensity levels and improving the participants fitness levels in a fun, energetic group activity and the KO8 Bootcamps and team certainly provide all of the above and much more.

KO8 is the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can get your hands on. No need for tons of kit, you can now perform 99% of exercises with one complete system and the best part is... you can use it ANYWHERE!

Full Suspension, Harness, and 6-72kg of adjustable Resistance all rolled into one!

Find out more about the KO8 bootcamps and the KO8 here:




Monday 08th May

Monday morning saw our Switch360 participants return to the UPANDRUNNING clinic on Al Wasl Road to meet up with Dr. Ramzy Ross from the First Performance Consultancy to be re-assessed and evaluated on their cardio metabolic analysis. This would then show them how much they have improved on both a physical and cardio fitness basis over the course of the 12 week project.

We partnered with First Performance Consultancy to ensure that the participants had the necessary data information about their capabilities and understanding of this information, to be able to meet the demands of the Switch360 12 week project, it was essential that the demands within the project were clearly assessed, understood and effectively acted upon. First Performance Consultancy’’s approach undertook this careful process in order to enhance performance capabilities across both pre-identified occupation and sports-specific requirements, whilst also considering injury risk factors.

First Performance Consultancy provides globally leading expertise and services to assist individuals, teams and organisations to improve health and performance.

Find out more about First Performance Consultancy here:



Monday evening was also the final  session of two with Joe Akary, the founder of BOXIQ, where he took them through the more fundamentals of boxing, working on their stance, combinations and movement techniques and also showing them ways to implement boxing routines into their fitness regime.

Find out more about BOXIQ and Joe Akary here:



Tuesday 09th May

This was the participant's final rest day as they are in the final stage of the Switch360 project geared towards showcasing new ways to help them live better through SWITCHDXB.


Wednesday 10th May

This was the final sessions of the whole Switch360 12 week project and was the final follow up session with our Nutritionist and Life Coach partner, Victoria Tipper.

The Participants have been engaged with Victoria throughout the project and have received specific individual life coaching and nutrition advice to help them ‘live better’. This was an important part of the project for us at SwitchDXB as we believe that understanding who we are, how we are both mentally and physically is a vital learning point before proceeding on a life changing journey and we believe that the sessions with Victoria both life coaching and nutrition have made a valuable contribution to the participants and the project.

Find out more details about Nutritionist and Life Coach Victoria Tipper here:



During the evening the participants were also given their final In Body Analysis readings via the X-Pert device from BodyO and their Business Development Manager, Chloe David. BodyO is the next generation online health and wellness planning and tracking solution proven to help end-users. With their latest research and innovative lifestyle solutions, gone are the days where everyone was advised the same rules for healthier lifestyles. We used BodyO to help our participants understand that everybody-type is different and has different needs. BodyO is personalized to offer them goals best suited to their body-type, lifestyle and needs and this information helped the participants understand how their bodies changed during the 12 week project and gave them regular, vital and upto date body statisitcs.

Find out more about BODYO here:



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