Switch360 - Week 7

Week 7 Summary

The fifth and final week of Stage 2 & the end of the halfway stage of the SWITCH 360 Project sees our participants continuing with their set routine of Switch On and Switch Off activities. Read on to find out more.

Week 7 Review - Participants


Switch360 participant Amanda takes us through week 7.


Debbie's week 7 of the Switch360 project.


Kevin talks week 7 of the Switch360 project.


Natalie talks about week 7


The Week

Sunday 02nd April

This was the final session of FITLIFEDXB Bootcamps and was held at the same location as their very first in Al Waha. They joined with some other ladies in the Boot camp being held by FitLifeDXB by their great Personal Trainer and Mr. Motivator Patrick (Pat) Griffin, who pushed them through their paces and encouraged them to try beyond their own perceived capabilities. The Participants have enjoyed the bootcamps and see this form of group exercise and activity as a great way to try new things, meet new people and a useful stepping stone to help them achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals in order to live better.

Find out more about FitLifeDXB please visit their website here:



Monday 03rd April

Monday evening saw our participants gather at our Nutritionist Partners’, Victoria Tipper, home for a 1-1 or Group session to discuss how they are getting on with regards to the foods they have been eating, any questions they may have regarding calorie intake, food sources that affect them in different ways and a general Q&A session so that they are prepared for the next stage of the project where they will learn how to purchase, prepare and cook those specific food sources based on their individual nutritional requirements. Its all very interesting and information that we should all know and understand about ourselves, after all we are all built differently on the inside as well as the outside.

Find out more about our Nutritional Partner and her services here:



Tuesday 04 April

This was the last session for our participants to experience Group Class Fitness with Motivation Sessions with the amazing team at Yalla Fitness. This session was a TEAM PRAMA class which entailed partners completing a set circuit together with one person doing a cardio based exercise such as squats, jumps, step ups etc. whilst the other completed an exercise of the circuit for a set time and then they swap. This is all done to energetic music at a high tempo and the participants push themselves and their partners based on their individuals fitness levels and needs. The routines and music really inspired our participants to push themselves and have fun at the same time, they all loved it! Even head coach Phill Robson found it tough but thoroughly enjoyable.

Even though it was the last session the participants have all stated they will be going back for more. Why not got try this for yourselves and your friends and colleagues.

You can view Yalla Fitness and the awesome classes they do here:



Wednesday 22nd March

This week the class was cancelled again due to operational requirements for Ask For Life, which enabled the participants to enjoy an unexpected extra day off from their activities as we had already programmed in a rest day for Thursday. A nice reward for the efforts put in to date by the participants.

Through Ask For Life and their amazing Yoga Classes on the rooftop at The Four Seasons Hotel at DIFC the participants are being shown some new ways to use Yoga to help with mental wellbeing, relaxation and also become more flexible and body movement aware so they can improve their fitness and wellness and obtain more knowledge about Living Better.

Ask For Life offer a wide range of services to help you live better and you can find out more at:



Friday 31st March

This Friday saw our SWITCH360 Participant Amanda have her own Spa Session and treatment courtesy of the ARMANI SPA at the Armani Hotel Dubai.

Rewind, refresh and reinvigorate both body and mind in the sanctuary of Armani/SPA. Retreat into a collection of personalised sensory experiences, delivered by experienced therapists and designed to meet your individual needs.

The Armani Spa Treatment is ‘tailored’ to meet all your needs and is a unique experience for our participants.

Treatment :Armani Classic Collection .
Duration : 50 minutes treatment

More info at:



Saturday 01st April

Saturday saw the participants attend their final AquaFit session which is a fantastic and unique way to keep or get fit. The participants had group sessions with 2 sharing a double room of 2 pods and 2 having private rooms of one pod and were able to monitor their own kcal burnt during their session, the aim during this 45 min session was to beat the kcal burnt from the first 45 min session done some 3 weeks ago.

AquaFit has a Grand Opening Ceremony at the Sunset Mall on Wednesday 12th April from 1800hrs. Go along and learn how this new fun activity can help you live better.

This is an amazing new concept involving cycling in water to reduce stress on the joints, this will enable our participants to get used to the cycling movements and motions involved with cycling, help improve the fitness and cardio vascular endurance levels before undertaking group Cycling classes in Stage 3 (see we take care of them but push them too!).

Find out more about Aqua Fit here:




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