Switch360 - Week 6

Week 6 Summary

Week 4 of Stage 2 & Week 6 of the SWITCH 360 Project sees our participants continuing with their set routine of Switch On and Switch Off activities for this 5 week process of Stage 2. They will also have a new Switch Off activity to try as well as a Gift from one of our partners. Read on to find out more.


Week 6 Review - Participants


Amanda's review of Switch360 week 6


Debbie talks us through week 6


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Natalie's week 6 of the Switch360 project.


The Week

Sunday 26th March

The 6th week saw the participants have their final session of 3 at Bounce with the awesome instructor Ediger Ssentongo. Bounce is a group fitness class that uses trampolines and your whole body to move in an energetic and high tempo way that is both fun and efficient in burning those stubborn calories

For more details about Bounce Inc please visit:



Monday 27th March

This session of FITLIFEDXB Bootcamps was held at a new location for the Participants, and was at SkyDive Dubai fitness park in the Marina area of Dubai. They were able to join in the Bootcamp already in place and being held by FitLifeDXB which helped with their motivation as they current boot camp attendees pushed them as the ‘newbies’ but all in a fun and active way that made the boot camp session one of the best so far.

Find out more about FitLifeDXB please visit their website here:


Tuesday 28th March

Another Switch On day through the high tempo experience of Group Class Sessions with the amazing team at Yalla Fitness. This time they took part in a BLAST 15 class which entailed cardio based routines to energetic music at a high tempo based on the individuals fitness levels and needs. The routines and music really inspired our participants to push themselves and have fun at the same time, they all loved it!

You can view Yalla Fitness and the awesome classes they do here:



Wednesday 22nd March

This week the class was cancelled due to operational requirements for Ask For Life, which enabled the participants to enjoy an unexpected day off from their activities.

Through Ask For Life and their amazing Yoga Classes on the rooftop at The Four Seasons Hotel at DIFC the participants are being shown some new ways to use Yoga to help with mental wellbeing, relaxation and also become more flexible and body movement aware so they can improve their fitness and wellness and obtain more knowledge about Living Better.

Ask For Life offer a wide range of services to help you live better and you can find out more at:



Thursday 30th March

Thursday became a very special day for our Participants, and even though it was an early start, they unexpectedly enjoyed being shown the basic fundamentals of Golf with PGA Teaching Professional Malcolm Young at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club Academy. They really got into the ‘swing’ of things with a putting practice and competition with some 40ft putts being sunk! Then it was onto the driving range at the Academy for some basic golf grip, swing and techniques to enable the participants to understand the fundamentals of the game of golf. Its not as easy as looks on the telly was one of many quotes during this period which culminated in them having a ‘swing’ and smashing the golf ball down the range! Thanks to Malcolm and the ARGC for their hospitality and fun morning.

You can find out more about the ARGC and the Academy there via the website:



The second surprise of the day came shortly after the golf when SWITCH360 Partner GENT Watches and their Co-Founder Mike Cowie presented the participants with their own watch and interchangeable straps that make it possible to change the watch straps so that your watch is matched to suit the outfit you are wearing or the occasion you are attending.

You can order your own GENT Watch here:



Friday 31st March

This Friday saw our SWITCH360 Participant Natalie have her own Spa Session and treatment courtesy of the ARMANI SPA at the Armani Hotel Dubai.

Rewind, refresh and reinvigorate both body and mind in the sanctuary of Armani/SPA. Retreat into a collection of personalised sensory experiences, delivered by experienced therapists and designed to meet your individual needs.

The Armani Spa Treatment is ‘tailored’ to meet all your needs and is a unique experience for our participants.

Treatment :Armani Classic Collection .
Duration : 50 minutes treatment

More info at:



Saturday 01st April

Saturday saw the participants attend the fun, fantastic and unique way to keep or get fit with Aqua Fit. This week they had group sessions with 2 sharing a double room of 2 pods and 2 having private rooms of one pod and were able to monitor their own kcal burnt during their session, the race was on as this week the duration was for longer!

This is an amazing new concept involving cycling in water to reduce stress on the joints, this will enable our participants to get used to the cycling movements and motions involved with cycling, help improve the fitness and cardio vascular endurance levels before undertaking group Cycling classes in Stage 3 (see we take care of them but push them too!).

Find out more about Aqua Fit here:



Mike Cowie