Switch360 - Week 3

Week 3 - Summary

This was the week where our Participants ‘stepped it up’ from the Learning Stage in the first 2 weeks to now in Stage 2 the Implementation Stage where they will now take the learnings and understanding of those findings about themselves and implement them into a routine that can help them with their personal life, health, wellness and fitness goals.


Week 3 Review - Participants


Natalie's take on the third week!



Debbie's thoughts on week 3 of the Switch360 programme.



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What Kevin thinks about the past week.


The Week

Sunday 05th March


The Switch 360 participants started their 5 weeks of Boot Camp sessions at ‘The Villa’ location in Al Waha, near Arabian Ranches 2, with the fantastic personal trainer Pat, from FitLifeDXB and we taken through progressive circuit training exercises and routines to test their current fitness levels, evaluate fitness levels and set new goals for the next 4 sessions at FitLifeDXB Boot Camps at various locations around Dubai.

Find out more about FitLifeDXB please visit their website here:



Monday 06 March

After the first Life Coaching session in Stage 1the participants were very open to learning about how they feel about themselves and what things then can, want to, will try to change or implement into their lives and therefore they were given the opportunity to have more 1-1 private Life Coaching sessions with Switch DXB Life Coach Victoria Tipper at her Villa.

Find out more details about Life Coach (and Nutritionist) Victoria Tipper here:



Tuesday 07 March

To help the Participants to ‘Switch Off’ we introduced them to Yoga with our partner Ask For Life, who will take our participants through Yoga at the ‘rooftop’ location at the Four Seasons Hotel in DIFC.

Through Yoga they will learn to develop a greater awareness of their physical and psychological states. As a result, they can be in a position to better manage their reactions. Yoga gives them control of themselves, clears the clutter and allows them to get back in touch with their innerself.

Ask For Life offer a wide range of services to help you live better and you can find out more at:



Wednesday 08 March


Today was a Switch On day where our Participants commenced their experience of Group Class Sessions as part of their fitness regime to help them understand and participant in a new environment, with high tempo routines, energetic instructors and fab music, all designed to push them a little bit hard over the next 5 weeks of Stage 2 of Switch360 with Yalla Fitness and their group classes for ‘Ignite24’ in the Functional Fitness Studio and ‘Team Excite’ in the Prama Studio with their amazing instructors, Dragana Atanacković and Kyrylo Riabov.

You can view Yalla Fitness and the awesome classes they do here:


Thursday 09 March


Today we saw our participants receive some awesome home workout equipment courtesy of Perform Better Middle East from Commercial Director Karla McDermott who saw the Switch 360 project via social media and engaged with us directly in order to support and encourage our participants to continue their fitness plans, regimes and goals whilst at home.

They will also now receive a Home Workout video from SwitchDXB showcasing exercises they can do at home with the items provided by Perform Better Middle East.

Visit Perform Better Middle East here:


Saturday 11 March

The participants were able to take 2 days rest from their energetic start to Stage 2 as we thought they would need this, and of course they deserved it through the amazing efforts put in by them all. The first week of Stage 2 finished with a ‘Switch On and Off’ activity at Aqua Fit at the Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Aqua Fit is an amazing new concept involving cycling in water to reduce stress on the joints, this will enable our participants to get used to the cycling movements and motions involved with cycling, help improve the fitness and cardio vascular endurance levels before undertaking group Cycling classes in Stage 3 (see we take care of them but push them too!).

AQUAFIT comprises of Individual Aqua Biking experiences that can help with: natural cellulite reduction, burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes, provide a full body workout and reshape your lower body, provide a Powerful workout that is soft on your body and produces faster results, enhance the skin rejuvenation and micro peeling for a glowing effect as well as give better circulation, tone legs and reduce orange skin effect

Find out more about Aqua Fit here:




The participants used the BodyO device, BIODY Xpert, which gives an instant body assessment, including a detailed composition with 77 different measurements collected such as; fat mass, lean mass, muscle mass, protein mass, mineral mass, intra and extra-cellular water and body cell mass. This information is then all presented by charts and diagrams via the BodyO app.

BodyO members benefit from a complete and personalised health and wellness solution from monitoring and tracking to providing professional advice training and nutrition plans. You will be notified and assisted every step of the way. Set your goals, choose your personalised virtual coach, track and monitor your activity, nutrition and sleep patterns.

Find out more about BodyO and the services they offer here:




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