Switch360 - Week 2

Week 2 Summary

Week 2 was a awesome week for the Switch360 participants! They received their genetic analysis results, worked out at The Burj Club, enjoyed a day of spa treatments, sang their hearts out at karaoke and got their first Pura food delivery! See how they got on below! 


Week 2 Review - Participants


Natalie's take on the second week of activities.


See how Kevin got on in Week 2 of the Switch360 Project.


Debbie's review of week 2!


Amanda's take on Switch360 week 2.


The Week

Monday 27 Feb

To aid the participants to understand more about how their bodies move and function we took took them through the 7 Primal Pattern Movements, which are Pull, Push, Press, Twist, Squat, Lunge and Gait (walk, jog, run, sprint), at the Burj Club with the amazing personal trainer Andrei.

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Wednesday 01 March

During the final week of Stage 1, which incorporated the first 2 weeks of the 12 week project, the participants received their Genetic Analysis results from Richie Simpson from Just4MeLifestyle and were taken through their results with Victoria Tipper, the nutritionist consultant, in order to align their individual nutritional needs not only for the weeks ahead but for the rest of their lives.

Find out more details about Nutritionist and Life Coach Victoria Tipper here:


Connect with Just4MeLifestyle and learn more about your DNA and the types of testing they can carry out for you at:



Martin Bond from Beet It Sport visited the Switch360 participants to explain the benefits to their health, nutrition and fitness goals by using their products. Beet It Sport shots guarantee 400mg of natural nitrate from concentrated beetroot juice – the amount required for sports performance improvement.

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Friday 03 March

To aid the participants with their dietary requirements based on the findings of their DNA and Fitness assessments they started 5 weeks of Food Delivery Service from PURA and had their food based around their personalised macronutrient requirements which will aid them significantly in their health and fitness goals.

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Saturday 04 March

Saturday was a Switch Off day where our Participants first underwent a nice relaxing Swedish Massage at The Burj Club Spa followed by a detoxification drink by the pool at the sun terrace.

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This was followed by an evening of fun at Lucky Voice where they were entertained by a live singer, had a Sunday Roast and complimentary drink and were given access to one of the Karaoke Pods where they showed off their talents at singing or not as the case may be with some of them.



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