Switch360 - Week 4

Week 4 Summary

Proceeding on with Stage 2 of the SWITCH 360 Project our participants are undertaking a set routine of Switch On and Switch Off activities for the 5 week process of Stage 2. They will do 5 week activities with some one off ‘fun and active’ sessions thrown in to keep the momentum, surprise and energy going to sustain motivation and aid performance.


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The Week

Sunday 12th March


The start of Week 2 of Stage 2 (being the 4th week of the 12 week project) we decided introduce our participants to some ‘fun’ but fitness based activity to showcase a new way to Switch On. This was where we took them to BOUNCE Inc in Al Quoz in Dubai. This was they participated in a group fitness class using trampolines and your whole body to move in energetic, high tempo exercises with the awesome instructor Ediger Ssentongo.

For more details about Bounce Inc please visit:




Monday 13th March

The Switch 360 participants had their 2nd session of 5 weeks of Boot Camp sessions at ‘Zabeel Park with the ‘everyone loves him’ and awesome personal trainer Dris, from FitLifeDXB and were taken through a cardio and functional movement based circuit of exercises designedto push and increase their current fitness levels. The next 3 sessions will take place with FitLifeDXB Boot Camps at various locations around Dubai and culminate in their performance being assessed by FitLifeDXB at the final boot camp.

Find out more about FitLifeDXB please visit their website here:




Tuesday 14th March - This session for was cancelled due to the Sandstorm

 With Ask For Life and their amazing Yoga Classes on the rooftop at The Four Seasons Hotel at DIFC the participants will learn ways to use Yoga to help with mental wellbeing, relaxation and also become more flexible and body movement aware so they can improve their fitness and wellness and obtain more knowledge about Living Better.

Through Yoga they will learn to develop a greater awareness of their physical and psychological states. As a result, they can be in a position to better manage their reactions. Yoga gives them control of themselves, clears the clutter and allows them to get back in touch with their innerself.

Ask For Life offer a wide range of services to help you live better and you can find out more at:




Wednesday 15th March

Another Switch On day through the high tempo experience of Group Class Sessions as part of their fitness regime to help them understand and participant in a new environment, with high tempo routines, energetic instructors and fab music, all designed to get you moving so your body obtains a full workout, your heart rate is monitored and you can push yourself accordingly, they also have a competition based routine so you can challenge yourself or your workout buddies, believe me it is awesome!. The team undertook Yalla Fitness group class ‘PRAMA’ in the Functional Fitness Studio with their amazing instructors Kyrylo Riabov.

You can view Yalla Fitness and the awesome classes they do here:




Thursday 16th March


 hursday saw more of the participants being able to attend the fun, fantastic and unique was to keep or get fit with Aqua Fit. This is an amazing new concept involving cycling in water to reduce stress on the joints, this will enable our participants to get used to the cycling movements and motions involved with cycling, help improve the fitness and cardio vascular endurance levels before undertaking group Cycling classes in Stage 3 (see we take care of them but push them too!).

Find out more about Aqua Fit here:




Thursday 16th March

 ast week our participants received some awesome Home Workout Equipment courtesy of Perform Better Middle East, from Commercial Director Karla McDermott, to support and encourage our participants to continue their fitness plans, regimes and goals whilst at home.

They also received a Home Workout video from SwitchDXB head coach Phill Robson showcasing exercises they can do at home with the items provided by Perform Better Middle East.

You can view this video via the following link:


For more details about what products they have please visit Perform Better Middle East here:




Friday 17th March

We decided to let the Switch 360 Team have a day off this week so we gave them Saturday to Switch Off but on Friday this week we decided to try something that was only 30 mins in duration but also new and fun that is about to be launched in Dubai called ‘FloatDXB’. FloatDXB is a new, exciting fitness concept which launches here in the UAE in March 2017. A 30min HIIT workout which includes burpees, lunges, squats..all on water!

FloatDXB offers a full body workout incorporating the fundamental skills of balance, flexibility and core strength All of our instructors are fully qualified and trained to a high standard by a certification.

Find out more about this exciting new fitness class here:





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