Switch360 - Week 1

Week 1 - Summary

The Switch360 programme got off to a very good start this week, with all the four participants getting moving, learning about themselves and their bodies, as well as having time for some fun activities. Check out how they got on and what they got up to below!


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The Week

Sunday 19th Feb

Introduction to the 360 Program - The Participants were introduced to the concept of SWITCH 360 in more detail and shown what we had planned for them in Stage 1 (2 weeks) of the 12 week program.

They were shown how to use the NOVIPLUS App and were kindly given a year subscription for FREE from Noviplus Founder Enisa Glavovic. You can find out more about Noviplus here:


Limitless Supplements were on hand to provide them with free supplements to sustain them and assist with their nutrient and supplement needs during the 12 week project and in particular the fitness and endurance sessions.

You can find out about all the various products of Limitless Supplements here:


The participants were given their SwitchDXB T-shirts - as modelled above. Not one to miss out on the action, Phill plonked himself right in the middle of the shot!

Monday 20th Feb

On Monday the guys were introduced to relaxation methods and sleep coaching with Hypnotherapist Zoe Turner. They were introduced in the session to techniques aimed at reducing stress, sleeping better and overall relaxation.

Find out more about Zoe and her business Simply Flawsome here:



The participants were treated to an in-depth Q&A session with Daric Botes on how the FOS drink can help them during the 12 week project and assist them in living better and staying focused.

FOS is a carbonated functional beverage. The naturally sweetened, ready-to-drink BCAA supplement, with its combination of natural caffeine, 4000mg of BCAA (l-leucine, l-valine and l-isoleucine) in a 2:1:1 ratio, as well as the natural lemon flavouring not only makes this vegan drink exceptionally healthy, but easily palatable, as well. With added vitamins, The Focus Drink also supports energy production, cellular health, and immune support, courtesy of its supply of Niacin, Vitamin B1, Folic Acid, Biotin and Vitamin B12, along with Vitamin C. Manufactured in Austria, to the highest German and European quality standards, FOS is perfect not only as an exercise supplement, but is the preferred drink for everyone with an active healthy lifestyle.

You can find out more information here:



Tuesday 21st Feb

The Participants went through some unique and specific Fitness Testing with Dr Ramzy Ross, from First Performance Consultancy, at the UpAndRunning Facility and this entailed cardio metabolic testing to determine their heart rate and exercise intensity for specific training zones for Fat Burning, Endurance, Intensity, and Vo2 max. These readings can be used to determine the correct levels of intensity, exercise, or regime for each participant and monitor the changes in fitness levels accurately, as we progress through the 12-week program.

Read all about First Performance Consultancy and the unique services of Dr. Ramzy Ross here:



They also had their Inbody Analysis readings taken using the MYBODYO handheld portable device and App. The MYBODYO is a connected e-health device which allows setting up an instant checkup of your physical condition and health status and is ideal for the participants to use weekly to help them gauge progression.

You can find out more about MYBODYO at:



Wednesday 22nd Feb

This was the evening where they discovered even more about themselves on the inside as well as the outside. They were introduced to Victoria Tipper our Life Coach and Nutritionist Partner, who gave them an insight into what the session would entail and how Life Coaching can really help them live better. Each participant had a private 20-30 mins each and will have personal 1-1 follow up sessions suited to their own needs and a final group session at the end of the project.

Find out more about Victoria and her Life Coaching and Nutritionist consultancy here:



Thursday 23 Feb

This was the first day the Switch360 participants were at The Burj Club, at The Burj Khalifa, first to undergo some body analysis, functional movement and fitness exercises to determine the types of exercises, movements, activities that their bodies will need to enable them to improve their fitness and energy levels, increase metabolism and reach their individual health and wellness goals.

At The Burj Club gym, fitness sessions combine with spa treatments and a healthy diet as programs are tailored specially for you. It’s a new sense of well being and vitality aided by professional supervision and exceptional equipment.

They also have an exclusive level for ladies, including a well-equipped gym and a luxurious spa.

Find out more here:



Saturday 25th Feb

This was the first of the participants' ‘weekend activity’ sessions, where we took them to the Aventura Park in Dubai.

At Aventura Park Dubai they took on over 80 exhilarating challenges across 5 different levels off the ground and between the trees. They even had a go to try and conquer the longest series of thrilling tree-top zip-lines in the region and leap across the great 25M Tarzan Jump!

You can find out more about Aventura Park Dubai and the activities here:



All-in-all, it's been an action packed week for all four Switch360 participants, where they learnt a lot about themselves, as well as trying out several new activities for the first time.

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Mike Cowie