Switch Club: The Academy by Arabian Ranches Golf Club

A recent #SwitchClub took place at the amazing venue of Arabian Ranches Golf Club. We were taken aback by the iconic Dubai landmarks visible in the background and the beauty of the golf course lit up at night by floodlights.

As we arrived, we were welcomed by our instructor Malcolm Young, who gave us an introduction to the game of golf, talked us through the basic techniques and the types of golf clubs that we would be using. We kicked off with warm-up exercises to help us with the right swinging techniques and body motion, and then we moved on to how to grip the golf club most effectively.

For some of us it was the first time at a golfing class, when the others are playing golf casually on the weekends, but we all found Malcolm’s teaching technique really helpful.

After training our swings on the mini golf academy set up, we moved to working on our long distance swings. Few of us hit the ball like they were pro’s, when some of us kept swinging the club in the air or hit the ground in front of the ball. Malcolm stepped in to help the people who were struggling with their swinging technique, and he gave us advice on a one to one basis.

We would definitely recommend to both beginners and people who would like to improve on their skills to give lessons a go at Arabian Ranches Golf Club with Malcolm Young .

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