Switch Club: SoFit at Sofitel The Palm

The last Switch Club session was held at a stunning outdoor area located at the Sofitel hotel on the Palm. We arrived slightly early so that we could explore the venue and have a quick look at the gym, which was equipped with the latest Technogym machines. Some of us decided to enjoy a quick warm-up and test out the sparkly new equipment before our outdoor SoFit group class challenge.

Our class kicked off at 7.30pm when the temperature had dropped down to a slightly more manageable one. However, it took only 10 minutes into the session for most of us to look like we had worked out for two hours - straight! It was probably one of the biggest sweat sessions we've have had so far. No mercy at all, our two trainers didn’t make life easy as they pushed us to our absolute limits with every exercise, ensuring that each one was carried out correctly. We started off with a quick warm-up and were then were divided into 3 groups, each one with their own station and a different workout to complete. 

The first station consisted of jump squats and push-ups. The second incorporated kettlebells, lunges and squats, and the final one focused on weights and upper body training. After completing 2 minutes of each exercise, we were then divided into two groups. One was training the abdominals, whilst the second was running with weighted balls. To put the challenge intensity into context, even our fittest teammate struggled towards the last 15 minutes of the training! 

The heat definitely didn’t make things any easier, however we absolutely loved every minute of it and felt so proud as a group that we all survived the torture. Until next time, don't forget to #livebetter

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