Switch Club: EMS at 20Fit

This Wednesday's #SwitchClub team decided to try something completely new and connect technology with our workout, so we headed over to Business Bay to visit the 20Fit facility.

We arrived at this quiet location not expecting much, but when the doors opened we discovered an amazing workout room designed very modernly. The white and green decor made you feel energised and almost gave you the feeling of an outdoor workout. Coupled with the fresh setting, great fast-paced music set the tone before we even started the session. 

Our activity was planned for 20 minutes plus preparation time. Preparation you ask? EMS training is a new way of combining an active workout with electro-muscle stimulation. So our preparation time consisted of changing into specially fitted workout gear - we had plenty of laughs seeing our male colleagues look like they were prepping for a ballet lesson. In saying that, once they got started, we saw them quickly transform from ballerinas into action heroes.

The qualified EMS trainers were making sure that we were fitted properly and connected to our tech workout stations. The trainers chose the settings depending on our fitness level, body weight and gender, and would set a different impulse strength for each muscle.

After the computer settings were completed, we stand in line waiting to see what happens next. The trainers start up the computers and we feel electric impulses fire up the muscles in our body. Initially, most of us are startled as we weren’t expecting such an odd sensation but as your body gets used to it, you feel like you are working out without even moving. But of course that would just be too good to be true. 

We are then shown a series of exercises to go through with varying reps and sets that last for a maximum of 20 minutes. Our trainers gradually increase the strength of the impulses during the workout to ensure that we don't get too comfortable. After approximately 10 minutes, we find ourselves dripping in sweat, feeling like we've just done an intense 45 minute HIIT session.

EMS is a great way of training for people who are busy and don't have time for long gym workouts. What we love? It's quick enough to get your sweat on during a lunchtime break. 

The perks? EMS training not only helps you to lose weight, tone up and fight cellulite, it assists with muscle gain too. We were super impressed with the facility and workout, and will definitely come back for more...when we fully recover that is! See you soon for our next edition of #SwitchClub.

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