Live Better, Work Better

Our way of working is broken.

We get up, we go to work, we try to do as much as we can, we go home, take calls on the way, reply to emails in the evening and move from one day to another without even realising.

Isn’t that just awful?

Things have got to change.

We have to understand that our bodies and minds are built in such a way that they need to be treated and trained in a way that enables us to perform better.

What if we rebalanced our focus? By starting each week with ourselves in mind. What if we gave ourselves the time to exercise more frequently, to eat more healthily, to sleep more comfortably? All to enable us to live better.

The corporate world is experiencing a shift. A slow one, but a shift nonetheless. One which now sees its employees as more than just the executors of job roles. You see, if we’re not living well, we’re not working well. If we live better, we work better. Seems fairly straightforward, right? The trouble is, we have to unweave the complex maze that is corporate culture, before we move forward.

Corporate wellness initiatives are a positive first step, but often these schemes do not withstand the test of time. Why? Perhaps one reason is because they are often linked with HR departments. We would like to see every organisation in Dubai adopt a ‘live better’ mentality at the heart of their brand (not just HR department), so that each and every single one of its employees can focus on achieving the best outcomes at work and in life.

At SwitchDXB, our aim is to help people live better. In this particular instance, we’re targeting working professionals and challenging them to think about the ways in which they approach daily & weekly life. Are you eating well enough? Are you exercising regularly? Do you drink enough water? Do you move around at work? Are you sleeping well enough? Are you managing stress?

But in order to achieve equilibrium, there needs to be two sides to create a balance. So whilst we’re challenging individuals, we’re also challenging their organisations, to create a culture that is focused on living better, that gets the best out of its team, rather than the most. This is not an initiative, this is a step change. If individuals and organisations can commit to living better, it becomes engrained in routines, schedules, cultures and strategies. For a person to feel good should not be something that is ever compromised by any market condition, business plan or leadership team.

It’s easy to push looking after ourselves down the priority list, but in reality, there is nothing more important than ensuring that you are the very best version of yourself day in, day out.

Michelle Blowers