Week 1 - Back to Basics

Do you get your car serviced from time to time? 

Many of us have assets or possessions that we take great care of - investing time and money into ensuring that they are performing well.

So how many of us take time to invest in the performance of our spines? I'm guessing not as many people!

Until now, I definitely sat in that category - but this year it's all changed. You see, if you can't invest in your own body (your mechanics) or your mind (your processor), then what can you invest in? And by invest, I will often be referring to investing time - time to learn, to understand and to implement methods to help you live better.

So my first investment in this year's #52new challenge is getting to know my own spine a bit better.

I'm lucky - in that I have never had to visit a chiropractor due to pain or discomfort, so this was venturing into the unknown. Fortunately, I had stumbled across a team of professionals in Pure European Clinic when attending Fitness Fest in November last year. So off I went to Media City to pay a visit to Pure's clinic in Concord Tower.

Having never suffered with back pain, I assumed that all would be well. Oh how I quickly learnt very differently...!

Many of us have office-based jobs, that see us sit at desks and/or meeting tables for long periods of time. Additionally, many of us use laptops that sit low on our desks, causing strain on our necks and negatively impacting our posture. It turns out that I'm very much a committer of this crime - with tension in my upper back/neck that I wasn't previously aware of.

Dr. Madelaine Franklin quickly identified my pain points / problem areas by doing a full spinal scan - which analysed posture and areas that needed treatment.

Equipped with many red areas of concern, I lay down on the bench and Dr. Madelaine went to work. Crack, crack, CRACK. My goodness, what was happening? Turns out my 'healthy' spine wasn't in such good shape after all. No problem, Dr Madelaine was going to fix it!

I must admit, at first I was skeptical as to how much I could learn or how much I could benefit from seeing a chiropractor. But as Dr. Madelaine explained early on, most people only visit a chiropractor when they have a problem. But our spine is one of the most valuable tools we possess as a human being, so people should be doing so much more to look after their spines and keep them in good shape. I have quickly been able to see and feel the benefits of taking steps towards taking care of my spine & will continue to do the exercises and stretches prescribed by Dr. Madelaine, along with a regular consultation with a professional, to ensure that the work I'm putting in is keeping me in good stead.

When the consultation had finished, Dr. Madelaine suggested that I would sleep well that evening. And boy was she right, when it was time for bed, I fell into the deepest sleep I have had for a while - a knock on benefit of taking care of my spine (who'd have thought?!).

So if you haven't suffered with back problems in the past, please do not leave it until you do have a problem before you take care of your spine. Whether you visit a chiropractor or do regular stretches/exercises to help your spine, don't wait to start - do it now!

If you do wish to visit a chiropractor, I can now (from experience) highly recommend Dr. Madelaine and the team at Pure European Chiropractic.

1 down, 51 to go!


Gary Blowers