52 Weeks, 52 Things To Discover

It all starts here!

The new year is upon us & I'm ready to attack it. At Switch, we are guided by a very simple, yet powerful purpose - to live better.

So this year, I'm going to explore many ways (52, in fact!) in which I can do exactly that. 

We're never too old to learn - so I'm making it my own personal mission to learn as much about myself and the benefits of exercise, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, treatments and anything else that I can throw myself into.

I haven't put a rigid structure in place for the 52 weeks, because I want to be able to try new things as & when they appear (or I discover them). However, I have indicated some things that I will be incorporating into my schedule early in the year that I have never done before:

- Visit a chiropractor to understand how my posture effects my daily life and how I can take care of the important thing that is my spine!

- Have a DNA test. No, I'm not questioning who my Father is! I'm interested to learn about my genetics and what that could mean for me later in life. I will then be able to tailor my lifestyle accordingly to prevent the onset of any diseases (unfortunately I'm too late for treating the hair-loss gene, that ship has firmly sailed!!).

- Have a physiological test to get an understanding of how my body responds to different intensities of exercise and how well I'm utilising the oxygen that I breathe in.

- Work with a nutritionist to learn about food groups, cooking and better understand how my metabolism works for/against me.

Why so many tests? 

I want to learn as much as I can about myself. I'm not being vain, I'm just curious. We spend so much of our childhood and then adult life learning about different subject matter - science, maths, languages, business, history, the list goes on. But one thing that I believe that we don't spend enough time learning about, is ourselves. We're all wonderfully unique and we need to invest time and energy on learning how we can become the best possible versions of ourself. It won't just happen, it has to be learnt and then implemented in a sustained way.

The great thing about living in Dubai is that we're never short on options of places to go or things to do. So from a physical activity perspective, I should be able to fill my 52 weeks with a number of new activities that will both challenge and excite me in different ways. Whether that's joining an exercise class, running a marathon, completing an adventure race, swimming, cycling or jumping - there's so many activities that we can do in Dubai, we just have to try them to find out what's right for us.

So here goes! 52 weeks, 52 new things for me to discover!


Gary Blowers