Week 2 - Cycling in Water

I can remember - clear as day - learning to ride a bike when I was five years old. My Dad guided me down the side of the house, down the side path, holding onto the seat as I held on for life, gripping my handle bars so tightly that my hands were losing their natural colour. Then, as he opened the gate, down the hill I went & momentum did the rest - then memory kicked in and I started to peddle, "I'm doing it Dad, look, I'm riding my bike".

From that day on, bikes played an integral part of my childhood - often being the vehicle of choice to get me to a nearby field to play football with my mates. Fast forward a few (several) years to 2010 and I took on a new challenge - a London to Paris, 3-day un-aided cycle ride with two mates, in aid of Everyman charity. After three gruelling (and very cold) November days of cycling, we did it - I will never forget the site of the Eiffel Tower way in the distance as we neared the centre of Paris.

Why am I telling you this?

This week, as part of my #52New challenge, I found myself at AquaFIT in Sunset Mall. 

AquaFIT is an interesting combination of cycling under water (your bottom half anyway). Immersed in your own chamber, powered by sixteen water jets and coloured lighting, a 30-minute session on one of the AquaFIT bikes can typically burn upwards of 300 calories.

Adel - the owner of AquaFIT - was kind enough to invite me down & show me around the facility, explaining how the equipment works & the number of benefits you get from a 30, 45 or 60 minute session on one of their aqua bikes (not to mention the benefit of being able to watch Netflix on a giant screen in front of you!).

Watch the video below to see how I got on...!

If you'd like to have a go at cycling in water, then check out the AquaFIT website and pay them a visit in Sunset Mall. You can also follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

Until next time, 


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Gary Blowers